Welcome to our official band site! Please continue to check in with us regularly to see what mischief we’ve been up to. I’m Aubrey Dayle, and I am the ‘On Topic’ drummer. I also bring my compositions to the group. In fact that is one of the things I love about playing in this trio;  we all get a chance to play and develop each other’s music. This is definitely a much less stressful arrangement and we all get a chance to learn from each other along the way. The organic feeling that is created in our music reminds me of my days in James ‘Blood’ Ulmer’s Blues Experience trio. The music is dynamic and exciting!


Three months ago we got a gig at a club on Toronto’s west side called Mây Cafe. We had a really great night and the sound man/recording engineer, Rajen Mistry, loved the band so much that he recommended we return to the club as soon as possible. We were able to turn his enthusiasm into a regular monthly engagement. That is no small accomplishment in the Toronto jazz scene. We’ve played three months so far and I believe the word is slowly starting to spread. I have high hopes that things will pick up after Labour Day. Kim Ratcliffe is on the Humber faculty and we believe he’ll be able to get a student buzz happening. I think he should simply make it a mandatory event worth 75% of their mark! I think that’s reasonable…don’t you?

The other great advantage of playing at Mây is that there is a wonderful multi-track recording studio in the basement. We have been able to record every show so far, for a very reasonable fee. Rajen is great and he gets fantastic live tones. Our plan is to record enough material that we will be able to release a live recording. We’re not sure if we’re going to package it as a CD or just release the music in a downloadable format. All I can say is come by the club and be part of the excitement! We’re going to be there on September 9th at 9pm. It should be especially interesting as I will be returning from New York City where I will be rehearsing with James ‘Blood’ Ulmer for an upcoming late fall European tour. I hope to see you there!

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