Welcome to our official band site! Please continue to check in with us regularly to see what mischief we’ve been up to. I’m Aubrey Dayle, and I am the ‘On Topic’ drummer. I also bring my compositions to the group. In fact that is one of the things I love about playing in this trio;  we all get a chance to play and develop each other’s music. This is definitely a much less stressful arrangement and we all get a chance to learn from each other along the way. The organic feeling that is created in our music reminds me of my days in James ‘Blood’ Ulmer’s Blues Experience trio. The music is dynamic and exciting!

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Sleeping GypsyI have called four cities “home” in my life. The first is the city of my birth, Kingston Jamaica. The second is where I was raised, Montreal Quebec Canada. The third is where I was able to solidify myself as a professional musician and where I was able to express myself artistically with other musicians that were already at a high level, New York City. Finally I now reside in Toronto Ontario Canada. I loved growing up in Montreal but it is the third city that was, and still is, magical to me.

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As a young guitar player, one of the most meaningful things that can happen is if an older ‘cat’ helps you out a bit. I was very fortunate that two people in particular made a huge impression on my life when I was starting to play.

When I was about 16 I was really into the Allman Brothers (still am) and would jam for hours with some friends from Mt. Doug High on tunes like ‘In Memory of Elizabeth Reed’, one chord things that we could play a blues scale over.  I thought we must be playing ‘jazz’, not really knowing anything about it. I told a trombone player from the high school band that I was into ‘jazz’.  He mentioned this to his teacher, Dave Keen, a tenor saxophone player who had recently moved to Victoria from London, England.  Keep Reading →

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I was in Lisbon, Portugal and I was hanging out with my band mate, guitarist, Anthony Peterson. We were getting ready fly back to New York City. We had had a great performance the night before with Hassan Hakmoun and Zahar. It was the end of my first European tour as a musician and  I had such a great feeling of accomplishment. I had always wanted to play music outside of North America and I especially wanted to do a professional tour complete with planes and a tour bus. That all definitely happened but it wasn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. However, the truth of that last sentence will have to be explored in another blog!

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